Tet-Inc know that from individual tenant submetering to multi-site and campus-wide energy metering, you want to be able to see your facility’s detailed energy usage. Through different energy, water, power and gas metering you are able to monitor each area easily.

Energy usage is of great importance when you are looking for cost savings, energy saving opportunities or properly billing tenants. Submetering allows managers to track energy usage and costs when used with a building management system. With this system we can help you design an energy saving plan. We can also integrate this system with other controllers for compatibility with the building management system.

Submetering offers more accuracy and advanced zone monitoring for tenants. This gives your tenants more insight and control over their bills and gives management insight into how to reduce overall energy us as well as increasing the lifespan of the building systems.

Below are the metering services provided:

  • Energy Metering
  • Power Metering
  • Water Metering

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