What we do

We are knowledgeable and proficient in state and municipal building codes, regulations, administrative reviews and local planning laws, qualifying Technical Engineering Trading INC. to manage any project anywhere in the United States!



Energy & BMS (Landing Station Jacksonville)

Hilton Miami Airport

Building and Energy Managment System (Miami)

American Express

Weston Tech Building Managment System (Weston)

Heart Ware

Clean Room Controls & Integration

Hilton Miami Airport

Controls Consultant
(Fort Lauderdale)

Banco General

HVAC Control System

Jackson North

O.R. Environmental Controls
(North Miami)

Pink Sands

Energy & BMS


Building Management System

Cleveland Clinic

Pharmacy & O.R. Enviromental Controls


Technical Engineering Trading Inc is a proud member of the System Integrator program from all our distributors. This means we have the unique ability to provide our customers with an enhanced toolset that increases efficiency. These products provide the power to do more, with cost-effective and scalable integration of all facility needs. Through our partnership, we have the advanced knowledge to ensure peak facility performance while maintaining reliable and dependable operations.