We go beyond providing and installing energy saving products, control and energy monitoring systems. We assist you during the complete process of energy optimization. With energy analytics and a olistic approach we can improve the performance of your facility.

Our passion is to put the needs of our customers first.

Energy & Operation Analysis


  • Design a novel architecture for energy hub integrating power hub, cooling hub and heating hub.
  • The micro energy grid based on energy hub is introduced and its advantages are discussed.
  • Propose a generic modeling method for the energy flow of micro energy grid.
  • Propose an optimal operation model for micro energy grid with considering demand response.
  • The roles of renewable energy, energy storage devices and demand response are discussed separately.

We can investigate, performance test and advise on a wide range of building energy efficiency related concerns:

  • Energy efficiency upgrades – if you are a home owner or small business proprietor interested in a complete energy use analysis, look at our Community Energy Challenge.
  • Specific energy related concerns – if you have a specific question such as:
  • Why is the heating system not doing the job?
  • Does a window upgrade really make economic sense?
  • How much can more efficient lighting save?
  • Construction related decisions – if you are planning new construction or a remodeling project and need to make energy related decisions.

Building Management Systems

Check out our wide range of Technical Engineering Trading, Incsolutions and gateways.

Technical Engineering Trading, Inc offers a wide range of products to facilitate communication between different protocols. Based on the most used standard protocols, such as BACnet, EnOcean, KNX, LonWorks, Modbus, DALI, MBUS and many more, Technical Engineering Trading, Inc helps you integrate most of the devices currently in the market related with Home and Building automation.

Multi-protocol integration may be required in many different scenarios. From very large installations, to small projects the variety of nowadays technologies require multiprotocol integrations at all scales. Thanks to multi-protocol converters, different devices can coexist in a single management system, such as SCADA, BMS or Central Controller solutions.

Protocols are not identical, its features and design make each stand out in some applications or scenarios. For example, KNX may be clear option for homes, hotels and offices, while on the other hand BACnet or Modbus are more related to public buildings such as hospitals, airports.

Technical Engineering Trading, Inc is one of the most specialized multi-protocol gateways manufacturer. It offers a wide range of products to combine protocols for complex, functional and accurate installations. Technical Engineering Trading, Inc works and combines the following protocols: ASCII, BACnet, DALI, EnOcean, FIDELIO, KNX, LonWorks, Modbus and WiFi.

Examples of using the multi-protocol solution in different cases with Technical Engineering Trading, Inc gateways, are shown below:

Public buildings
Think of any large building such as a Hospital or a Rail Station. Nowadays control and supervision systems require lots of elements playing around to get the most of it. For instance:

  • HVAC systems
  • Energy meters 
  • Fire protections systems
  • Sensors
  • Lighting control

All these elements need to talk to the central controller (BMS or SCADA) which is usually only capable of talking one single protocol, while the other elements talk its own one (even if it standard).

Is in this types of scenarios where Technical Engineering Trading, Inc multi-protocol gateways can make the most and help you integrating all these elements in a natural and simple way.

Smart homes

But multi-protocol solutions shall not be only located in large facilities. Even in a very small project, you can be in the situation of requiring a multi-protocol solution. Think of any window contact, blind actuator, light control, climate control… Again, all these devices usually use their own proprietary protocol or a standard one and in order to get them all together in your control system, you will need a multi-protocol converter to match all of them.

Facility Performance & Energy Monitoring

The Need for Effective Energy Management in Manufacturing Plants

Because energy is among the largest operating costs in a manufacturing plant, improving energy efficiency can also improve profitability significantly. Monitoring energy consumption and transforming energy data into relevant context is the foundation of effectively optimised energy consumption.

Tailored for Manufacturing Operations

Energy Performance is a complete solution that converts data from disparate sources into actionable information, empowering manufacturers to reduce energy costs, monitor power quality, and improve equipment performance. Its modular design allows companies to get started quickly to meet immediate needs, and the scalable solution can be expanded easily to meet evolving energy management needs.

Comprehensive Energy Monitoring System

Energy Performance enables data disaggregation through integrating production and energy data with a full range of Schneider Electric’s smart meters, optimising energy consumption and reducing unplanned downtime through asset reliability. Energy Performance provides a comprehensive view of energy cost allocation, demand and power factor management, capacity management, power quality awareness, and electrical and mitigation equipment status.

Pre-Defined Intelligence Model

Energy Performance comes equipped with a pre-defined intelligence model that fits the batch manufacturing environment. This reduces engineering time in developing the model, enabling fast and easy deployment. It also enables backfilling of data.

Standard Reports with Operational Contexts

Standard reports provide insights into process energy consumption:

  • Asset energy details – tabular report for ease of upload to SAP
  • Energy utilisation — Energy data shown side by side with operational contexts
  • Energy timeline — Energy KPI data and its breakdown
  • Energy analysis — Energy data with Pareto of operational contexts

Electrical Network Reliability

Energy Performance enables monitoring of power network quality in real time. When it finds an abnormal power operation, it generates notifications and alerts. This supports the facility or maintenance team in identifying root causes — from the electrical source to production equipment — and in rectifying problems before any sensitive electrical equipment is damaged.

BMS System Recommissioning & Installation

BMS Maintenance & Servicing

When investing in the management and automation of a building’s electrical and mechanical facilities, the provision of planned and preventative maintenance is essential. Once the installation is complete, the regular servicing of the BMS will help maintain operational standards and functionality, whilst contributing to the reduction of costs over the long term, helping avoid the need for substantial repairs and system refurbishments at a later date.

At Technical Engineering Trading, Inc, we offer maintenance and support to both existing customers, as well as other companies that have previously invested in a Building Management Systems, though have yet to establish a regular servicing agreement.

  • Modbus / Bacnet: Seamless Integration WithChillers, AHU’s, Inverters & FCU’s
  • HVAC Controls: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Mbus: Heat, Water & Gas Metering
  • Modbus: Electric Metering
  • Pump Control Panels
  • PLC Controls

We Regularly Deliver BMS Maintenance Solutions ToThe Following:

  • Business Offices & Retail Outlets
  • Schools & Educational Facilities
  • Local Authorities & Councils
  • Commercial Properties
  • Emergency Services
  • Leisure Centres

BMS Integration

Through the design, commissioning and installation of Building Management Systems for a broad selection of industries, Technical Engineering Trading, Inc has developed an in-depth and comprehensive understating into all aspects of building management. We deliver a solution that successfully and efficiently integrates equipment from multiple manufacturers, including:

  • Distech Components 
  • American Matrix
  • Tosibox



Tet-inc estimating department offers over 20 years of experience and the most technologicaly advanced software to provide deatailed and accurate quotes

Lighting Controls

Tet-inc is able to provide lighting control for your building that can be integrated with any open protocol lighting vendor


Technical Engineering Trading, Inc is pleased to make available to Consulting Engineers various tools related to our products and building management solutions.


Tet-inc knows that from individual tenant submetering to multi-site and campus-wide energy metering, you want to be able to see your facility’s detailed energy usage


Since 2014 Tet-inc has built a strong reputation in systems integration.
Our integration team specializes in proprietary and legacy systems

Data Analytics

Tet-Inc has built a strong reputation in systems integration. Our integration team specializes in proprietary and legacy systems. 

Building Automation

Our goal is to optimize every facet of your building. We know what is important to our clients and strive to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

Energy & LEED Solutions

We help you to increase energy efficiency, reduce cost and ensure that your system is operating at its best


Technical Engineering Trading Inc is a proud member of the System Integrator program from all our distributors. This means we have the unique ability to provide our customers with an enhanced toolset that increases efficiency. These products provide the power to do more, with cost-effective and scalable integration of all facility needs. Through our partnership, we have the advanced knowledge to ensure peak facility performance while maintaining reliable and dependable operations.