Building Automation

“Connected Buildings Made Smarter” As our company logo states our goal is to optimize every facet of your building. With our extensive experience in the control industry we know what is important to our clients and strive to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them. Our main objective is to assist you in reducing energy usage, lower your operating costs, improve the life cycle of utilities, streamline the operation of your building systems and ensure greater building/occupant comfort.

Every project we undertake from the simplest to the most complex is handled same quality and skill. We use the latest technology and our expertly designed and installed control systems are created to give you exactly what you need. We want our clients to be able to operate, maintain and monitor their system with ease.

Tet-inc is also able to assist their clients with the merging of multiple manufacturers products on one network. Through the industry standard open protocols LON and BACnet we are easily able to combine these systems for you.

Because technology is constantly changing, our team prides itself on being in the forefront. All of our certifications and continuing education courses required by manufacturers are always up to date. 

With every project you will receive a control submittal/drawing with flow diagrams, point to point wiring diagrams, bill of material and a detailed timeline of operation. Our experienced managers will oversee and guide the project to ensure timeliness and complete customer satisfaction.

Below are our services for installations:

  • Manufactures/partners
  • New Install
  • Upgrades
  • Retrofits 

  • Systems Integration 

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