At Tet-Inc our estimators want the best for you and use their exceptional skills to make sure your project is a success.
Working with our numerous vendors we are able to get the best price on all the quality products and services you need.

Tet-Inc estimating department offers over 25 years of estimating experience, the most technologically advanced software to provide detailed and accurate quotes and the ability to provide blueprints and plans that are digitized and easily printed.

Our in-house estimating department provides services for any size project whether it be small, medium or large. We are able to accommodate you. We even have a team specially dedicated to last minute estimates in case something unexpected comes up.

Below are the estimating services provided:

  • Full In-House Estimating Department (For Any Size Business -Small, Med or Large)
  • Special Team for Last Minute Estimates
  • Detailed and Accurate Quotes
  • Digitized Blueprints and Plans

Call For a Quote:

(954) 450-7215

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