For more than 25 years we have built facilities for a wide range of industries, including medical, automotive, education, and manufacturing, and we will use this experience to build the facility that best represents you and your project goals.

Technical Engineering Trading, Inc single-source solution enables us to turn our clients’ building goals into reality. Providing both architecture and construction services, we are the only resource you need for your project…from start to finish.


Whether you’re looking to build new or renovate an existing facility, Technical Engineering Trading, Inc can help. We offer commercial construction services including:

  • Design/Build
  • Architectural Services
  • General Contracting

Data Centers

As an industry leader in the construction of data centers – also referred to as mission critical facilities– Turner recognizes that safe, efficient delivery is essential to the success of every job.

Our data center group is composed of dedicated, passionate staff with the experience, industry knowledge, creativity, and resourcefulness to bring our clients’ vision to life. They work closely with project stakeholders to exceed expectations, calling on local, national, and international resources to make it happen. They are well positioned to take on the unique challenges of each project, bringing a broad understanding of the latest economic and emerging technology trends.


Healthcare providers need to ensure their IT infrastructure is ready to embrace the “smart” hospitals, practices and senior living communities of the future in order to serve patients with reliable, high quality, connected care — both on premises and remotely. IoT solutions help you provide better integrated and coordinated care by increasing nurse efficiency, improving patient monitoring and providing improved tracking of critical equipment.

TECHNICAL ENGINEERING TRADING, INC provides holistic, integrated, interconnected solutions for cities and buildings, from security and traffic management systems to energy-saving solutions and better emergency information for first responders. We can help you address evolving security concerns as you optimize your environment and integrate new technology and analytics that help you deliver better outcomes in your building or city.


With a network of smart, integrated devices, you can aggregate and mine data in real time to help you deliver better customer experiences and drive sales. Our technology experts can help you analyze customer traffic patterns, deliver targeted ads, optimize pricing models and much more.


Tehcnical Engineering Trading Inc, provides the infrastructure that allows data collection to be extended into various layers of automation and information technology (IT). More specifically, data collection for analytics or electronic batch records enables cheaper and faster data integration, without disturbing the control system.

The most exciting benefits that we see center on real-time monitoring and control, optimized decision making, reduced costs, and improved patient outcomes. Part of the reason this has all become possible is because advances in sensors and IIoT gateway devices have made them much more affordable to provision, while maintaining the same strict level of security and regulatory compliance mandated by the industry.


Connecting manufacturing floors, sensors and devices to an industrial network can help you monitor operations remotely and automate functions for maximum efficiency in a secure, reliable environment. The data created provides fresh insights that can improve decision-making and business processes around predictive maintenance, quality monitoring, remote product updates, and safety and security.

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Technical Engineering Trading Inc is a proud member of the System Integrator program from all our distributors. This means we have the unique ability to provide our customers with an enhanced toolset that increases efficiency. These products provide the power to do more, with cost-effective and scalable integration of all facility needs. Through our partnership, we have the advanced knowledge to ensure peak facility performance while maintaining reliable and dependable operations.