Energy & LEED Solutions

Tet-Inc specializes in energy performance contracting work. We can help you implement an energy saving improvement plan and give you a site survey and analysis which will outline for you the scope, sequence, one lines, specifications, cost and energy analysis of your job. Our team’s expertise provides energy auditing and systems consulting. We also help energy saving company’s in the development of enterprise content management and use innovative solutions to provide you with the best service and system for your facility.

Our goal is to help you increase energy efficiency, reduce cost and ensure that your system is operating at its best by monitoring and replacing equipment before it becomes an issue.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a set of standards that encourages buildings to be environmentally friendly. LEED evaluates energy consumption and savings for building owners and operators. LEED is dedicated to reaching high performance in sustainable site development, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, materials selection and water savings.

More and more we are seeing the importance of being energy efficient. Tet-Inc has a specialized LEED certified team that will manage your LEED project from beginning to end to ensure that your company has a completely operational and energy efficient system.

Below are the energy & LEED Solutions provided:

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