A world without security risks offers many opportunities for your business. We are the expert in security and eliminate human error and offer future proof technology in IoT connections.

Build your IoT ecosystem with TOSIBOX®

With modular TOSIBOX® technology, you can build and manage a secure IoT infrastructure in minutes. The TOSIBOX® IoT ecosystem can be tailored according to your needs.


Smart Building Solutions For Facility Management & Energy Control

Cylon is a leader in the development of smart energy managment systems for building. established in 1986, our global offering delivers scalable designs and fleXible building solutions that allows smart devices, systems, and people to connect more easily. We deliver the buildings of tomorrow, today.

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Energy & Operation Analysis

Design a novel architecture for energy hub integrating power hub, cooling hub and heating hub. Propose a generic modeling method for the energy flow of micro energy grid.

Building Management Systems

Technical Engineering Trading, Inc offers a wide range of products to facilitate communication between different protocols. 

Facility Performance & Energy Monitoring

Because energy is among the largest operating costs in a manufacturing plant, improving energy efficiency can also improve profitability significantly. 

BMS System Recommissioning

When investing in the management and automation of a building’s electrical and mechanical facilities, the provision of planned and preventative maintenance is essential.